Sun May 26
  • Songbirds
  • 3:00pm
  • $10 General Admission Ticket
Songbirds South Stage

Layla Shook Benefit featuring Nathan Farrow, Davey Smith, Anthony Sims, Outlaw 45, Mojo Whiskey

You may or may not know the Shook family or Layla Shook's struggles. Layla is a little girl with large medical problems. All she wants is to be a little girl and enjoy life. With approximately 60 surgeries under her belt, there are still many more to go. You and I can help and all you have to do is come down to this benefit and have some fun, maybe dance a little.A note from mom...Unfortunately, Layla's surgeries will keep coming until she is a teenager. With her skull continuing to fuse they have to go in and rebreak it allowing her brain more room to grow. Her craniofacial doctor, Dr. Sargent has been waiting for her 6-year molars to come into attach the device he uses to in order to move her face forward opening up her airway. This is called the midface advancement surgery. This is a very big surgery. We have mixed emotions, of course, we want to do what's best for her (opening her airway so she can eat, talk, and giving her more protection for her eye's), but this surgery comes with a trip to Salt Lake City Utah. The expense is always in the back of our minds. This surgery will be to attach this device, we will turn screws literally moving our child's face forward daily. She will wear this device up to 12 weeks allowing the bones to heal and harden. We will then travel back to Salt Lake City Utah to remove the device. This surgery will take a toll on us financially, emotionally, and physically so of course, we can use all the prayers we can get!