Wed Nov 28
  • Songbirds North
  • 7:00pm
  • All Ages
  • $10 Advanced Ticket, $12 General Admission Ticket
Songbirds North Stage

Nalani & Sarina with our own Bryan Knispel

Doors: 6 PM | Show: 7 PM | All Ages Support: Bryan Knispel Getting music fans to agree on anything is next to impossible. That’s why the quick rise of sisters Nalani & Sarina — from a small town in west-central New Jersey to national notoriety and recognition — is such an astounding story. These two audacious young artists have developed a distinctive blend of traditionalist soul-rock and modern pop, and their stylistic alchemy is likely to keep their faces in the spotlight for years to come. Legendary music critic and Sirius radio host Dave Marsh recently called their EP, Scattered World, the singing duo’s latest set, “some of the best music being made this year”, and fans, critics and taste-makers have echoed his praise. The pop marketplace can be fickle and fractious, but Nalani & Sarina have all the elements in place for success and stardom."Like other great songwriters, Nalani and Sarina are channeling the emotions of their era."​~ Thom Duffy, Billboard​"What does it take to be the voice of a generation? These singers are trying to find out."​~ Jillian Berman, MarketWatch, New York Post"They have big, soulful voices and a commanding stage presence. They have strong, meaningful, original songs... Most of all, during their 45-minute set, you get a sense of their drive, their need to communicate and to make music that matters."​~ Jay Lustig, Inside Jersey Magazine​"The first thing most people notice about Nalani & Sarina is that they are identical twins, but they are much more than that. The two are extremely confident, focused, and charismatic young musicians who are determined to carve out a music career on their own terms.’"​~ Gary Wien, New Jersey Stage Cover Story​"Some artists make it on luck, looks, connections, inventive marketing, backing, or numerous other reasons, but Nalani and Sarina are destined to reach the top simply because they are phenomenally talented. There is no denying brilliance."​~ Allen Foster, AXS​"In case you wonder where Stevie Wonder has been, he's been inhabiting the bodies of twins Nalani & Sarina. This is the funkiest song I've heard since the demise of Soul Train. I couldn't keep still.’"